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California Pimping Laws:

Penal Code 266h PC

The law on the crime of "Pimping" is found at California Penal Code Section 266h(a) PC.

The crime of pimping is committed if the defendant earns money or other compensation from a person who the defendant knows to be a prostitute. A Prostitute is a person who engages in sexual conduct with another person in exchange for money or other compensation.

California Penal Code 266h(a), requires that the defendant actually knows that the person from whom he or she collects money, or other compensation, is a prostitute. The law also requires that the defendant encourage, promote, entice, lure, request, or direct the prostitute to commit the crime of prostitution for the benefit of the defendant.

California Penal Code 266h(a) does not require that "Money or other consideration" be made directly to the defendant for the crime to be committed.

Punishment for Pimping (California Penal Code 266h(a)):

Pimping, or violations of PC 266h(a), is a felony. If the defendant is charged with pimping a prostitute over the age of 16, he or she could face up to six years in prison. If the defendant is charged with pimping a prostitute under the age of 16, he or she could face up to eight years in prison.

It is sometimes possible to change the criminal charge pimping or the sentencing associated with the criminal charge of pimping, or both, to allow for a less severe charge or a less severe sentence.                     

In addition to the punishment described above, if the defendant is conviction of pimping (PC 266h(a)), he or she faces fines, probation, possible professional licensing restrictions or revocations, possible immigration consequences, possible asset forfeiture, mandatoryregistration as a sex offender, and more.

Closely associated crimes to pimping (PC 266h) include, Selling of person for illicit use (PC 266f),Prostituting wife (PC 266g), Pimping prostitute minor 16 years or older (PC 266h(b)(1), keeping a house of prostitution (PC 315), leasing a house for prostitution (PC 318), pimping prostitute under 16 years of age (PC  266h(b)(2), and pandering (PC 266i).

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