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California Pandering Laws:

Penal Code 266i PC

The law on the crime of "Pandering" is found at California Penal Code Section 266i(a) PC. Pandering is a felony in California. If the defendant is found guilty of the crime of pandering the defendant faces up to six years in prison. If the defendant is found guilty of the crime of pandering another person under the age of sixteen the defendant faces up to eight years in prison.

The crime of pandering (PC 266i(a)) is committed if the defendant influences, encourages, entices, persuades, defrauds, threatens, arranges, procures, or otherwise requests, that another person engage in prostitution, or remain as aprostitute, in house or place of prostitution, AND, that the defendant (panderer) intended that the other person be a prostitute.

A prostitute is a person who agrees to commit a lewd act in exchange for something of value (usually money but not necessarily money). A "lewd" act means physical contact of the genitals, buttocks, or female breast of either the prostitute or customer with some part of the other person's body for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification.

Pandering under 266i or 266i(b)(1) PC [Pandering of Minor] is closely associated to the crimes of Prostitution and Pimping but there is a distinction: Basically, prostitution is committed where a person agrees to commit a lewd act in exchange for something of value; pimping is committed where the defendant receives a benefit from encouraging another to commit prostitution; pandering is the procurement of prostitutes regardless of whether of whether the defendant received a benefit or whether or not the procured person actually engages in prostitution.

Examples of pandering (PC 266i(a)) include: Convincing or procuring another to become a prostitute, obtaining prostitutes to work in a house or place of prostitution, hiring prostitutes to sexually gratify another person other than the defendant.

Closely associated crimes to pandering (PC 266i(a)) include, pandering (PC 266i), pandering of a minor 16 years or older (PC 266i(b)(1)), pandering of a minor under the age of 16 (PC  266i(b)(2)), transport minor for lewd acts (PC 266j), abduction of minor for prostitution (PC 267), prostitution (PC 647(b)), pimping (266h(a)).

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